A heritage to be proud of

Outfit Overview

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Our family has been involved with hunting through many generations. My father, uncles, and brothers have hunted since they were kids. We as a family acquired our own Game Estate in 2003. It is on this farm, where I learned and honed my hunting skills. Myself have been hunting for the past 15 years and I have hunted most of the types of game there is.

We use different Professional hunters in my outfit. We are 3 Professional hunters that accompany clients on hunts.

Hannes Gouws

15 years hunting experience.
Favourite Species to hunt: Oryx, Eland, Buffalo,
Speciality: Dangerous game hunts, Long range hunting
Professional hunter and outfit owner

Rayno Button

Professional hunter, has a huge passion for wildlife and people
Very energetic, excellent hunter, Awesome host.
Favourite species to hunt: Eland, springbok and Sable.
Specialty: Walk n stalk and Bow hunting.

Albert Pretorius

Over 25 years professional hunting experience.
Strong and silent type. Field guide par excellence.
Favourite Species to hunt: Eland and Kudu. Buffalo.
Specialty: Walk & Stalk, Night hunting

Hunting Areas

Vaalwater – Private hunting Estates
Vaalwater is the closest town to all of our private hunting areas. The town is 2.5 hours drive north from OR TAMBO International Airport in Johannesburg.
The Area has a abundance of game estates. It is the Hunting Capital of South Africa.
We hunt 7-8 private game estates all ranging from 560 hectare to 4000 hectare totaling about 15000 hectares. Some of the game estates are our own, some we have concession leases to hunt on.
Our philosophy when it comes to hunting areas, is diversity. We utilize different estates that each offers something unique. Some farms have mountainous areas, most of them are bushveld (trees and shrubs) , some are along rivers, some are smaller but have a higher density of game to give clients more opportunities at a shot, than one would get on a 50000 hectare area.
The size of the hunting areas are a perfect balance between scenery, atmosphere, amenities, and provide frequent opportunities at game, with a good chance of success.
Our hunting areas provide clients with the whole spectrum of plains game for them to hunt. All of the animals are present on these estates with the exception of lion and elephant. It is also in these private estates that we get the opportunity to hunt the bigger wider spread buffalo. (40″ and up) as well as lion hunting.

Mahathi Bush Lodge


The Mahathi Bush Lodge caters for up to 10 guests. It is situated on a 2800 acre private hunting estate and forms the base camp. We hunt on this property and on our surrounding concessions.
The Lodge has two Chalets, two safari tents, a swimming pool, outside dining area, lounge, Wi-Fi and fire pit.

Grand slam hunting

We offer something very few outfitters offer and that is to hunt the grand slam of wildebeest!!
You can hunt a

Black Wildebeest

Blue Wildebeest

Golden Wildebeest

Kings Wildebeest

All in one trip!!!

We also offer the grand slam Impala hunt!!

This consists  of:

Normal Impala

Black Impala

Saddleback Impala

White Flanked Impala

Plains Game hunting

We have available for hunting all of the plains game, including:

Lion hunting

We do offer lion hunts, both on private reserves and free range hunts. Please contact us for photos, details and information.

Elephant hunting

We do offer elephant hunts, only in the greater Kruger region. Please contact us for photos, details and information.

Buffalo hunting

We offer buffalo hunts in our private hunting areas near Vaalwater.
It is in these herds that we offer more affordable buffalo hunts than in the Kruger Region, as well as the opportunity to hunt 40″- 47″ buffaloes that you are not allowed to hunt in the Kruger hunting area.
We also offer free range buffalo hunts in the Kruger region. Size limits, and strict terms apply. Please contact us for more info.
Hunting in the greater Kruger region offers the truest sense of hunting you can find in South Africa. Whatever you are after it stays a breathtaking experience.
For the purist this is truly the best place.

Hyena, Hippo And Crocodile Hunts

We do offer hunts for these animals on request. Please contact us for more information.