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Outfit Overview

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Our family has been involved with hunting through many generations. My father, uncles, and brothers have hunted since they were kids. We as a family acquired our own Game Estate in 2003. It is on this farm, where I learned and honed my hunting skills. Myself have been hunting for the past 15 years and I have hunted most of the types of game there is.

We use different Professional hunters in my outfit. We are 3 Professional hunters that accompany clients on hunts.

Hannes Gouws

15 years hunting experience.
Favourite Species to hunt: Oryx, Eland, Buffalo,
Speciality: Dangerous game hunts, Long range hunting, Bow hunting
Professional hunter and outfit owner

Rayno Button

Professional hunter, has a huge passion for wildlife and people
Very energetic, excellent hunter, Awesome host.
Favourite species to hunt: Eland, springbok and Sable.
Specialty: Walk n stalk and Bow hunting.

Albert Pretorius

Over 25 years professional hunting experience.
Strong and silent type. Field guide par excellence.
Favourite Species to hunt: Eland and Kudu. Occasionaly Buffalo too.
Specialty: Bow hunting, walk and stalk.

Hunting Areas

Vaalwater – Private hunting Estates
Vaalwater is the closest town to all of our private hunting areas. The town is 2.5 hours drive north from OR TAMBO International Airport in Johannesburg.
The Area has a abundance of game estates. It is the Hunting Capital of South Africa.
We hunt 7-8 private game estates all ranging from 560 hectare to 4000 hectare totaling about 15000 hectares. Some of the game estates are our own, some we have concession leases to hunt on.
Our philosophy when it comes to hunting areas, is diversity. We utilize different estates that each offers something unique. Some farms have mountainous areas, most of them are bushveld (trees and shrubs) , some are along rivers, some are smaller but have a higher density of game to give clients more opportunities at a shot, than one would get on a 50000 hectare area.
The size of the hunting areas are a perfect balance between scenery, atmosphere, amenities, and provide frequent opportunities at game, with a good chance of success.
Our hunting areas provide clients with the whole spectrum of plains game for them to hunt. All of the animals are present on these estates with the exception of lion and elephant. It is also in these private estates that we get the opportunity to hunt the bigger wider spread buffalo. (40″ and up) as well as lion hunting.

The Lodges that we utilize:

Mahathi Bush Lodge
The Bush Lodge is nestled between trees and secluded. It offers privacy, a relaxed atmosphere and makes you feel part of nature.

This Lodge consists of:

* 2 Chalets each each with a queen size bed, single bed, desk, cupboards,  with en-suite bathrooms, Kettle for tea and coffee

* 2 Safari style Tents:
Each tent with two single beds, quality bedding, heaters, cupboards, veranda.


Lodge has dining area, fire pit, lounge and bar.

Kruger Region – Free range hunting

The Kruger National Park is one of the most iconic reserves in the world. It is located 450km North-east of Johannesburg in the Mpumalanga Province.
Adjacent to the Kruger there are APNR’s (associated private nature reserves) which forms part of the greater Kruger reserve. The animals can roam 2 million hectares in the Kruger and also freely cross over  into the APNR’s which is privately owned and managed. It is in these privately managed areas that clients are allowed to hunt subject to permits and conditions. We utilize two APNR’s. One is 10000 hectare, the other is 60000 hectares.

How does it work?

The Kruger Park management and the APNR management teams get together and decide on the quota of animals to be hunted the following year.
They allow a certain amount of each type of animal to be be hunted according to their management practices.
Elephant, lion, buffalo, hippo, crocs, and hyena hunting opportunity are very limited. Some years no lions are allowed to be hunted.
All of the animals must be hunted in the APNR’s. NONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE HUNTED IN THE KRUGER ITSELF.
Conditions for this type of hunting is very strict, but it is the best form of free range hunting that is available to our clients here in South Africa.
Clients that are successfully awarded the tenders early in the year, can then make further arrangements as to when they would book their hunt.
Hunting in the Kruger region is more expensive. Please consult with us on pricing for this region.


Amenities are basic but comfortable.


This is the region is where we go to hunt lions. The hunting area is 450km west of Johannesburg. It requires a days travel there, and a days travel back.It does offer  spectacular scenery and has a completely different feel than the bushveld. The hunting area covers 2000 hectares.

Lodges and accommodation

What is included in your hunting stay:
  • Accommodation during your hunt.
  • All meals, bottled water, non-alcoholic soft drinks, local beers and wines.
  • Bush lunches and sundowners.
  • Field preparation of trophies including skinning, salting and drying.
  • A licensed Professional hunter.
  • Tracker, skinners and camp staff.
  • Bi-Daily laundry services.
  • 4×4 Hunting vehicle.
  • Trophy animals that are exported are VAT exempt.
  • 15% VAT charged on transport and all daily rates.
Services offered to our clients:
  • Meet and greet at the airport
  • Overnight accommodation booking for late arrivals
  • Personal transfer services between the airport and the hunting areas.
  • Sim card activation for local phone services if required
  • Car Hire for excursions and days not hunting. Also available for hire for pre and post hunt trips.
  • Post hunting trip planning assistance for remainder of you stay in South-Africa.
  • Act as a emergency fall back service throughout your stay in South Africa.
  • Can advise and book some of the lessor known, but more authentic getaways post your stay.
  • Act as a guide after your hunting trip, anywhere in South Africa.
  • Personal requests
  • Translation services is available for French, German and Russian clients.
What is not included in your day and/or package fees.
  • Trophy fees of animals taken, or wounded and lost as per current trophy pricelist.
  • Wounded and lost animals will incur an additional 15% VAT charge above list price.
  • Taxidermy fees for dipping, packing and shipping costs to final destination.
  • Taxidermy price list available on request.
  • Hotel accommodation before and after the contracted period.
  • Alcoholic beverages is for clients own separate account.
  • Firearms importation fees into South Africa.
  • Commercial air charters between hunting areas if requested by clients.
  • Medical and travel expenses – Please arrange your own medical and travel insurance.
  • Flights to and from South Africa.


We have a world class taxidermist that we use. They have been in business for over 20 years. Various other leading outfitters make use of their service.

How it works:

All of the animals that you have hunted will be skinned according to your requirements, salted and dried. After your hunt, the trophies and skins is shipped to the taxidermy.

They work directly with you all the way from sending you a quote, through to doing the paperwork to ship the trophies and skins to your required destination.
Here is some examples of their work:

Grand slam hunting

We offer something very few outfitters offer and that is to hunt the grand slam of wildebeest!!
You can hunt a

Black Wildebeest

Blue Wildebeest

Golden Wildebeest

Kings Wildebeest

All in one trip!!!

We also offer the grand slam Impala hunt!!

This consists  of:

Normal Impala

Black Impala

Saddleback Impala

White Flanked Impala

Plains Game hunting

We have available for hunting all of the plains game, including:

Lion hunting

We do offer lion hunts, both on private reserves and free range hunts. Please contact us for photos, details and information.

Elephant hunting

We do offer elephant hunts, only in the greater Kruger region. Please contact us for photos, details and information.

Buffalo hunting

We offer buffalo hunts in our private hunting areas near Vaalwater.
It is in these herds that we offer more affordable buffalo hunts than in the Kruger Region, as well as the opportunity to hunt 40″- 47″ buffaloes that you are not allowed to hunt in the Kruger hunting area.
We also offer free range buffalo hunts in the Kruger region. Size limits, and strict terms apply. Please contact us for more info.
Hunting in the greater Kruger region offers the truest sense of hunting you can find in South Africa. Whatever you are after it stays a breathtaking experience.
For the purist this is truly the best place.

Hyena, Hippo And Crocodile Hunts

We do offer hunts for these animals on request. Please contact us for more information.