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Training and Rifle Ranges

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Taking You Further

We have two rifle ranges with both with 1000 Yard + capabilities to provide training and assist clients looking to push their maximum distances.
For the the guys just getting into long range shooting and hunting we offer the training courses with our extensively experienced instructors.
It is required that each hunting client spend a morning verifying his ballistics and maximum ethical range before we set off hunting.
Please look at our event schedule for further information on the dates and types of courses available throughout the year.

Advanced Reloading and Precision Shooting Seminars

In collaboration with Ballistic Beast Precision SA this course is one of the most intensive seminars of its kind available in South Africa .  Our program is designed to accommodate novice as well as highly experienced reloaders and precision shooters.  The program runs over 2 and a half days and includes theoretical and practical reloading and shooting learning objectives and experiences.

Below is a summary of the program and modules that makes up the curriculum of the seminar as presented by Leon Henrico:

  1. ​Understanding Units, Measurements & Settings
  2. The Shooting Platform and Optics
  3. ​Bullets and Bullet Stability
  4. ​Bullet & Brass Preparation
  5. Reloading, Quick Load &  Precision Rifle Tuning
  6. ​Precision Shooting Equipment
  7. ​Precision Shooting Techniques & Table Manners
  8. ​Match / Long Range Hunting Preparation & Strategy
  9. ​Rifle Maintenance, Barrel Break In & Cleaning
  10. ​Practical Precision & long range shooting

This course consists of:

Thursday Evening

  • Check in


  • Theoretical lectures


  • Theoretical lectures


  • Practical shooting.

Sunday afternoon

  • Course completed and departure.

Course costs

  • R4500 per person. Course, Food, soft drinks, and accommodation included.